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The Food Fluency core curriculum English PDF is available free for interested partners

Please note: The current version has been developed for implementation in Liberia (rural West Africa) which included stakeholder validation with agriculture, public health and nutrition professionals from local universities, large agencies such as FAO and Action Against Hunger as well as Liberian grassroot initiatives. While tailored to the culture and bioregion of adults in rural Liberia, the content (and issues it addresses) will be relevant to any and all populations. Some adjustments will likely need to be made to customize it for your participant demographics. 

As is, the core curriculum can provide you with a framework to run your own nutrition workshops as well as provide you with an example of our work. For the highest potential impact on improving health and environmental outcomes, please explore our additional services to customize the curriculum to your community's unique cultural and health situation. 

If you would like guidance and support from Michelle (Food Fluency) to customize the curriculum to your unique participant group's local food system, culture, bioregion, and public health landscape, please schedule a discovery call with Michelle using this form where you can request the curriculum PDF. 

Habla español y se puede desarrollar una versión en español como sea necesario. 

Additional Food Fluency Services Include:

a. Implementation research to determine your community's priority nutrition-related health concerns. This includes remote guidance and resources for your development of a Community Food System and Nutrition Assessment (CFSNA).

b. Use the CFSNA to customize the Food Fluency curriculum to your target population and ensure it addresses their specific needs within the local culture and bioregion context. 

c. As needed, develop additional modules (customized according to your CFSNA) beyond the core curriculum.

d. Any other programming or admin support (done remotely)

*The majority of our communication, program development, and train-the-trainer sessions will be done remotely (using Email, Google Docs and Google Meet or Zoom). If partners prefer to have Michelle travel to be present for certain program components (e.g. implementation research and/or workshop implementation), we can explore this on a per-program basis. 

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